Women Try Korean Skincare For A Week

Women Try Korean Skincare For A Week
Just when you thought your skin routine was long… Check out these skin care products here: Cleansing Balm: Banila Co. Clean it Zero – http://fave.co/2md5uYX …

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  1. Thaqif Zxkwxn says

    I mean,their skin already glowing before even put on those products.They should've invited me

  2. Riya Agarwal says

    Lmao… Money?

  3. Salty Fries says

    i would definitely do this routine
    now someone fund me

  4. Mikasa La Ackerman says

    Who else uses #Noxzema

  5. Taylor Swift 1989 says

    I was like omg im try this then i saw the prices

  6. Sonali Verma says

    Here's my take on the Innisfree Color Clay Mask: https://youtu.be/9GaOzPOZNVw

  7. Jeon Kookie says

    Every time they said that putting on a cold face mask was refreshing, I cringed. I hate when cold things touch my face. I just generally hate cold things

  8. debora says

    I never had acne or any other skin problems (except for very dry skin and visible pores on the cheek area) i‘ve been using Korean skin care products for 3 months now and i can say that my skin isn‘t dry anymore and my pores are not visible anymore. People tell me i have a porcelain skin. So yeah Korean skin care is really the best out there FOR ME.

    I use:

    Missha aqua oil cleanser
    Missha aqua toner
    Itsskin watery green tea serum
    Cosrx 96 snail mucin
    Kiehl‘s ultra facial cream (not Korean but still very very good)
    And after all that i apply (during the day of course) a sunblocker from missha

    (After applying the green tea serum
    And the snail mucin, i massage my face with a shua gua? for about 5-10 min, it does also help so much!!!)

    So as you see i don‘t have a 10 or 12 step skin care routine but still my skin gets what it needs. The only thing i need to get is an eyecreme.

  9. Louise Kirk says

    i have an auto immune disease…Crohns to be precise woth knock on affects added in…..because of this i struggle with dull very pale sometimes dry skin and then sometimes oily it also depends on what medication or how ill i am at the time….iv always being a woman who loves moisturisers and face masks etc but since turning 30 (now 34) i have found skin care is far far more important to me iv also found korean skin care extremely positive for my bipolar skin now i advocate to all my friends on look after their skin and it is so worth the half an hour a day and how good it feels after

  10. Hessa Aldereih says

    I started using Korean skin care routines and I didn’t realize they were Korean skin care because wheee I come from all our skin care shops are mostly Korean, cause us arabs we respect Korean skin care so much cause we believe it’s much healthier and it actually works, I’m 14 and all they did here is what I do like 3 times a week because I’m still young and I still have baby skin I DOMT do this extreme stuff more often cause it’s too much but I do like, the toner, the face scrub, the serum, the face masks I do everyday, and like my skin is as soft as a baby’s but when I do this like I love this technique so much😍😍😍❤️❤️😝

  11. Average_Living G says

    I’m pretty sure you don’t have to double cleanse in the morning lolz

  12. G. Ward says

    Who is the lady on the left? She is hilarious!

  13. 준立派 says

    It did make my skin glow but the acnes how to kill them oh gosh

  14. Roger says

    Sunscreen should be everyday honey not once in a while

  15. your sexy grandpa says

    Let's see what can I afford?

    The face mask

  16. hulalala78 says

    In my country, dermatologists treat skin diseases rather than telling beauty routines.. And I respect them for that…

  17. swati kumar says

    I m wondering why is this on my list…. Also wondering who has time to do all this… Also not changing the video just to find some controversial loop hole

  18. Hi_ay Ma says

    Nobody can put on sheet masks everyday

  19. DEREK CAMACHO says

    Step 1: get plastic surgery

  20. L M says

    This is total b.s.. Korean women face so much social pressure to look perfect they are practically forced to do this in addition to getting loads of cosmetic surgery.

  21. Dżolanta the great says

    "Oreo, say nothing if I Look like JLo" 😂😂

  22. Roasted Baby Chicken says

    These 7-10 steps korean skin care routine became my favorite time of the day and i find it very relaxing like spa. And it’s all worth it, my skin is getting better than ever! (But 10 steps are just too much, i occassionally put the extras like sheet masks/any kind of masks when i have more time)

  23. vilvet hope says

    she’s THIC she PRETTY

  24. Star Karan says

    I just used the woo&pep diet. Amazing !:)

  25. Miroo Lee says

    I am Korean (29) and I used to do all those skincare routine when I was younger. Now I only focus on three things: BHA exfoliant, Antioxidant serum, and eyecream (+sunblock during the day) and it takes less than 5minutes. Yes, you need to exfoliate your skin in order for any serum or essence to go through your skin and work. But too often people (including old me) only think of scrubbing as the only way of exfoliating when there is actually BHA that goes deep into your skin. So I would like to recommend people (especially ones with acne-prone skin like I was) to try BHA product and then use either essence or serum. It may not work for everyone but it definitely worked for me and for my other Korean friends who have switched their routine.

  26. Hawt_EgyptianGrl30 says

    Dairy can cause acne too that’s what made my skin look like trash was dairy and meat

  27. sema rana says

    How much it cost?? i mean how much one has to spend???i think 👎👎👎👎

  28. christy nichole manuel says

    Time consuming and financially draining

  29. Spread Truth says

    Please use decent words or avoid Vulgar speech for +Subscribers


  30. Skeletor says

    This is some Patrick Bateman routine right here

  31. Archana Sudhir says

    I've oily and acne prone skin but since I've started following this routine my skin is really soft moisturized and I've less breakouts, I've clear skin now and I'm never going back

  32. Roberta Sutherland says

    These girls are very entertaining. Adorable and funny!

  33. Kriti Srivastava says

    Makeup is a preference. People say that every girl is beautiful with or without makeup and I can't agree more.

  34. Ankhiluun Bayanmunkh says

    Me being 10 and uses 10 steps beauty care

  35. BOB App says

    Natural Aloe Vero. Cuttle fresh Aloe cut it in blocks. And rub the green Inside on u r face. It gets rid of all acne and spots marks. You can leave it on and sleep in it. Put it on when not going out. It makes u r skin flawless.

  36. Kat Parks says

    I myself use Clinque soap, and toner and lotion and my skin always glows. For scrub I use the Clinque soap and some baking powder gently on my skin twice a week . I eat a healthy diet,exercise,drink a gallon of water, get 7 1/2 hours of sleep a night,and take vitamins. My facial routine takes less than five minutes and get compliments on my skin.

  37. Wendy Guity says

    Should've used someone/anyone with "bad" skin. These two have nice skin.

  38. 단이 DANI says

    Hi, I'm Korean Beauty Youtube DANI. 🇰🇷🇰🇷
    Your video is very nice. ❤
    I also have a lot of heathy skincare tips 🧖🏻 ♀💆🏻 ♀
    Subscribe to your channel. Please come see my video.👍🏻👍🏻

  39. Wang momo says

    I started to take care of my skin since I was 18…like 2 hrs everyday… all my Korean Japanese Chinese friends like abt the same…

  40. luиа says

    Does anyone have a cheap skin care routine for combo skin ?

  41. Bárbara Pereira says

    Their fun personalities just made everything more enjoyable, I feel like taking care of my skin rn

  42. Uma Bridges says

    I feel like morning and night is a little much. Like why would you double cleanse in the morning.

  43. Azeezah Goodwin says

    Y’all. As someone who has wasted THOUSANDS of dollars trying to treat acne with OTC products, go to your dermatologist! You don’t need stuff with “retinoid elements” you probably need straight up, prescription retinol. And if you have decent insurance, it will save you sooo much money.

  44. The Weird One says

    I love Korean skincare. It’s my favorite. I’m been using it since I was 14. Best place I bought it was sokoglam

  45. ハラジュクオニァ says

    The woman on the left is really ignorant to associate Koreans with kpop like the country is more then just kpop smhh

  46. Sophia Zheng says

    They do all that in 30mins and all I do was just wash my face , exfoliate, moisturize, and that takes me 40 mins …

  47. My skincare can't even compare to this, maybe that's why I still have a shtty skin 😂

  48. shishterr says

    thank god im blessed with a clear skin!!

  49. Sharon P says

    No hate. Korean ppl judge about everything. Ur weight ur face ur hair ur everything. Ppl will say it front of u and they r not afraid. And that’s y ppl rlly put effort on everything. My cousin in Korea has this whole skin care routine and this whole diet thing bc she always getting bullied.

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