Women Try Target's Size-Inclusive Athletic Line

Women Try Target's Size-Inclusive Athletic Line
Who can say no to affordable athleisure? Read more here!: bzfd.it/2jL7Mxd Buy the women’s looks here!: Sheridan: http://fave.co/2iXPGee http://fave.co/2j7ebAO …

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  1. αиgιє ναlєитιиα says

    Even XS is too big for me, I wish they had a XXS…

  2. Addy Schultz says

    When Kristen ran🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂

  3. Zoë Joenoes says

    You shouldn't run a marathon when you're pregnant ._.

  4. panic at the edgy says

    I wear workout clothes… then stay atg home all day.

  5. Kathleen Terry says

    Is 2:10 pregnant

  6. tanith dare says

    hydroflask pluggggg

  7. sophie m says

    Athletic wear is the one thing that needs to be size inclusive because everybody deserves to be healthy

  8. Regan Penn says

    Has Lara gotten thinner recently or has she always been that small? 🙁 could just be my negative schema because I am a recovered anorexic but she is very thin and it makes me wonder if she’s ok and it’s a bit of a trigger

  9. Emily Warwick says

    As a gymnast who exercises in many different ways on top of my training, I must say that none of this stuff looks like it will suit a work out. Too many layers it's no use. Your body heats up as you go along, calm down with regards to those layers. Most of this looks like the sort of stuff I relax in.

  10. super_sad says

    4x that's not healthy.

  11. that's kinda sus says

    Everything is so cute

  12. Mnxe says

    Tbh, I kinda want that coat thing Lauren was wearing but I live in the UK & since it's been a year since this was posted it's no longer available. 🙁

  13. Shannen Calderwood says

    https://fatgirlliftsblog.wordpress.com/ for tips on where to find plus size workout gear!

  14. Kynslie B says

    I love Nina’s outfit the most, I like tops like that, and I LOVE Athletic clothes

  15. Carla G says

    Target has been failing constantly the last several years on clothes in general


    Lara is so beautiful 😍💜🤤

  17. lilly bee says

    I have a hard believing their a 2x but ok. On the other side, theirs maternity clothes for a reason !

  18. Judy p says

    Nope Target is too expensive

  19. it'sA A says

    these are apparently clothes for athletes..??

  20. Diletta Buonfiglio says

    Maternity pants, maternity pants the elastic waistband just makes me wanna dance

  21. Sophie Nixon says

    How does sherdian slay every shoot???

  22. aleja newman says

    I love that y'all give us honest reviews and try things we're all curious about. sending all the love to you buzzfeed! xoxo

  23. Katie Elizabeth says


  24. Sarah Brown says

    im an xs size but seen as im really tall and lanky its either way to lose and the right length or the right tightness and way way to lose, especially pants

  25. Grammar/Spelling Police says

    Is everyone happy now? EVERY body type is included okay! Every video there's people saying "but what about the petites and small people" or "what about the bigger people" everyone one is here now okay so QUIT BEING BUTTHURT!

  26. Alec Aliminate says


  27. Stahp It says

    Why isn't Sheridan a model? She's gorgeous.

  28. Jennife Karen says

    Isn't it cool how 'size inclusive' only applies to products that offer sizes up?


    Not every small girl can fit into an XS.

  29. em c says

    kristins leggins are wayyy too big. who dressed her?

  30. Beatriz Pereira says


  31. Buff Hitler says

    Lara looks anorexic, they need to do a fitness challenge on her for once. Geez.

  32. AmyApricot says

    There were 999 comments and I want to make it 1,000 sooooo

  33. Nabdy says

    0:46 I love the t-shirt 😍😍😍

  34. nagaem iel says

    Is no one going to talk about the fact that they included a pregnant woman when the size inclusive line doesnt cater to maternity

  35. -Ryan- says

    i cant work out in leggins i get way to sweaty i can only work out in shorts lol

  36. -Ryan- says

    Ninas so pretty im so jealous

  37. Gina Marie says

    I don't think you need Athleisure if you're pregnant…

  38. LaTripper says

    I have a few 'pairs of their legging (not in the video tho). I like them a lot, they aren't see through which should be a no brainer but it isn't always. Plus they have pockets!!

  39. Abbey Raye Richmond says

    Target needs to have xxs because some people can't fit into xs

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