Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Heroes

Women Try To Pose Like Female Comic Book Heroes
This pose is a lot of ass for me.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC The Visitors Into Temptation …

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  1. iseverythingfine h says

    ok. so im going to say something I might regret, but still.
    I agree that the characters are in motion and whatnot. also that these characters are supposed to be idealized and attractive. but some of these poses are absurd….
    like 0:37 really? it feels like this one should be in an ecchi.. however I think this one is completely fine 2:27 . Yeah. it's kinda sexy but you could say the same of numerous male muscle pics these comics have. please don't hurt me youtube.

  2. Springtrap says

    lets get fat women to pose as comic book heroes

  3. Vinchenzo C says

    And I wish my stomach looked like Michelangelo's David, but it don't.

  4. Zedeye says

    Wow great get a bunch of fat woman trying to pose like a super fit fictional character

  5. Fillet O Shit says

    It's called drawing for a reason.

  6. james greear says

    You all need to do more Yoga

  7. Jeremy Lister says

    Should of done Jojo poses

  8. Bostino BadDog says

    I hate that this video has so much likes, but I then read the comments and they r all sane people that also disliked the stupid message this video is trying to give

  9. Thunder Wolf says

    Spiderman does the same poses, I know this is bloody old but just remembers how awful this argument was that women are being sexulised as theirs a bunch of comics where spider man is doing revealing poses in a skin tight suit.

  10. Sean Hennessy says

    You think this video is sad? Just wait for the next video in this series: "women try to use superpowers like female comic book heroes" The women will start out excited and by the end, they will be sad and disappointed, coming to the heartbreaking realization that they cannot fly.

  11. Aleksandra X says

    They took some fat chicks to imitate slim chicks poses. Seems legit

  12. Shiftey Greig says


  13. Timothy Dawson says

    I'm a fat slob, y they no look like meh?

  14. Ella K says

    “Let’s get fat women to do poses only fit gymnasts can do.”

  15. The Beast says

    They are super hero’s a lot of you are just fat and inflexible

  16. ffatheranderson says

    Why are some of theme so fat???

  17. Lightfast says

    These people really have literally no idea what they’re talking about

  18. Den the art freak says

    What ??? You're telling me real humans with real human anatomy can't do what cartoony big toddied super girls can ? OH THE HORROR!!!

  19. Kars In Space says

    Wow it’s almost as if superheroes have surpassed the peaks of human flexibility and strength. Thank you Buzzfeed, very cool!

  20. Syd says

    everyone commenting “they’re fictional get over it” isn’t getting the point. these characters were deliberately drawn in a way that sexualized theses characters, which completely undermines female superheroes

  21. Faiitheless says

    body type and flexibility

  22. Atuwa says

    btw calling it "plus size" doesn't make it better, you're just fat.

  23. Atuwa says

    why did they have to use fat women?

  24. Atuwa says


  25. Rigel says

    What so tall women with long thighs are offensive now? Way to body shame.

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