Women Try To Thread Their Own Hair

Women Try To Thread Their Own Hair
“Is that my skin or is that hair? What’s happening?” You can buy the self-threader here! http://amzn.to/2gQng2k We hope you love the products we recommend!

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  1. Hope Overweg says

    If you use floss tie it in a circle and twist it 5 times put it between ur hands it works the same

  2. Kai'Cee Holloway says

    The before and after on Megan are the opposite eyes. How is that an appropriate comparison?

  3. Lucas Alvarez says

    billion disorder satellite exit shock complete bus black sink anniversary however

  4. W1tch B1tch says

    Treading hurts too much… I’d rather wax for sure

  5. Luca223223223 Luca223223223 says

    If the wax ripped your skin off who ever did ur waxing needs some help because they CLEARLY DID IT WRONG😊

  6. queen says


  7. Emma Scheetz says

    Guys 👏 this👏Is👏On👏ly

  8. Nu'blessed says

    fam just thread it with ur hands???

  9. Nu'blessed says

    South Asian Women been doing this for centuries lmao

  10. Nina Sabine says

    I just do it by myself only using some thread. It´s quick and easy when u get used to it. Adictive, even!

  11. xXxlolomgwtfxXx says

    Threading artist here… the threads gonna break a lot on this device and maybe even the plastic . Threading takes different amount of twists and tension for different hair types and areas. It’s possible to catch skin and cut yourself. Please be careful especially around the lip and under brow.

  12. Emily Fitzgerald says

    I would never do my eyebrows because u could pull um all out but ur lip would b easy

  13. sturk58 says

    I also threading, but not with that item. Just thread twisted o my fingers.

  14. mr. suicide goldfish ??? says

    My name is chloe 2

  15. InstaGirl says

    I wouldn't trust myself threading my own eyebrows

  16. Nicole R says

    Eyebrows? Just tweeze em. Less of a chance of messing up lol. Want real pain, try an epilator. That hurts. The first time anyway

  17. Kristina insf says

    i hate threading in all it's forms, too freaking painful. give me tweezing or waxing any day.

  18. - says

    Lol my mom does that

  19. TeegyWeegy x says

    I love chloe #brits xo

  20. Yahmina Sarae says

    got my eyebrows treaded today

  21. Kamtaprasad Chauhan says


  22. Kokona Haruka says

    I would never be able to do this at all. It hurts waaaaaay too much.

  23. Lit Daily says

    0 likes OMG thx so much!

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