Women Try Wasabi Lip Plumper

Women Try Wasabi Lip Plumper
Can wasabi make your lips more plump? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow GET MORE BUZZFEED: …

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  1. Jimin X no jams says

    So i need to steal some wasabi in a japanese restaurant then,oh well

  2. Gigi Banks says

    It burns but most definitely works, I know from experience 😁

  3. Strxberri_ Milk says

    Your not eating wasabi your eating horse radish painted green..

  4. Dhaaniel -w- says

    Imagine sucking someone with that on OOOOOUUHHH

  5. It really exist a wasabi lipbalm

  6. Nunsuch says


  7. Juicy Potato says

    It doesn't make your limps plump.

    It makes it swell.

  8. BEGONE THOT says

    I'm sure it's supposed to burn your lips until they're swollen XD

  9. Stephanie Perez says

    0:20 "why am I doing this?" Me everyday at school LOloLOl

  10. ur cute af says

    I was born with plumped lips:))
    Like if you also have natural plumped lips ;))

  11. Nikola Skorek says

    They look smaller

  12. Gracie Girl says

    I HATE WASABBII!! I only like sushi.

  13. KyutieGaming says

    Why not use makeup instead?? (just asking)

  14. Maggie Hawkinson says

    0:41 Ummm…

  15. Anita Bonghit says

    those full lips will look really good while they are intentionally spreading their diseased, festering, menses all over public seats.

  16. Leyla says

    Buzzfeed, you have the power to change the idealisation of filled lips. Make natural lips the next big thing!

  17. Lil Jay says

    One time I got sushi and I thought it was guacamole….it tasted disgusting

  18. aranya singh says

    All these women are so pretty… M overwhelmed at their natural beauty.

  19. ally chaos says

    Nyla is my spirit human

  20. Gerbil vids says

    Pause at 0:00

  21. blaire horan says

    sounded like the rick and morty sound track tbh

  22. Alexxie Konstantin says

    To be honest ever since I watched that video where Farah advices to shave your face for flawless skin… I just can't take her seriously . That is basically why I would never try anything that she says it works lol.

  23. Sienna Tesan says

    I think that they would work because nobody would spill that much food or beverage on their jeans per day normally one person would spill like one or two things on their pants Per day so those pants would hold up for that so I think that they would work

  24. Lyndzie Scott says

    I love Nyla

  25. Maria 101 says

    I mean it definitely worked.

  26. * meg * says

    Whenever they say wasabi I think of Alex wasabi and it makes everything so weird gahhh πŸ˜‚

  27. Mari ' says

    "Why am I doing this" is the perfect way to start the dialogue in this video

  28. nice says

    'My lips are kinda small but they et the job done 😏'

  29. Jared Dimitri says

    And probably the wasabi they used is not the authentic wasabi you can buy in japan

  30. mxalift feru says

    i love the girl in 0:36 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ "but they get the job done aheeee"

  31. 1tsybitsyspider says

    White girl with big lips and the one black girl don't really need this lol

  32. mia merlin says

    "they r small but they get the job done"

    my dirty mindπŸ˜‚

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