Women Use DIY Skin Care Products For 2 Weeks

Women Use DIY Skin Care Products For 2 Weeks
Would you be able to use DIY skin care products for this long? For more health and sustainability content subscribe to Goodful!

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  1. Maulida Noor Amanah says


  2. frankensteins_daughter says

    Banana and aloe make a really good moisturizing mask. Egg is supposed to help too but it kinda made my already dry skin feel even worse.

  3. SapphireShield says

    That face wash will not last for two weeks. Put water in anything and it won't last more than a couple of hours before bacteria starts growing.

  4. Disposable Teen says

    I could never do this! I have rosacea so I have to be super careful of what I put in my face.

  5. nat mai says

    I’m sorry dats gross .

  6. Maayan Foster says

    You guys should have tried to make an oil face moisturizer. It would have took some extra time but if you got calendula and put it in extra virgin olive oil and let it sit for a couple weeks, it would have made the BEST facial oil.

  7. Cássia L. says

    Their faces looks brighter

  8. Truly Tia says

    I love DIY skin care. My results seem to always be just as good if not better when DIYing. Plus it is pretty fun to make.

  9. Amy-Beth Taylor says

    You should have done an oil cleansing method skincare routine, not left the oil on your face 🙈. but I like Xx

  10. Amy-Beth Taylor says

    You should have done an oil cleansing method skincare routine, not left the oil on your face 🙈. but I like Xx

  11. Mimi Abdo says

    Im watching this while wearing a green tea and honey mask lol. (btw it works for acne, my acne was gone in 3 weeks)

  12. Mrs J says

    Here in Vancouver B.C were can i get Shea Butte, combination to oily skin care? Both of your guys skin looked much younger

  13. Fiki Firmansyah says

    Sara rubin. That's the reason.

  14. amanda Derp says

    Sarah don't ever use a washcloth on your face it's so rough on the skin

  15. Sturm und Drang says

    I think I should see some ecofeminist comments here👌💚

  16. k p m says

    Where’s my acne prone people at? (me)

  17. I already make my own skincare products for almost 4 years, and I love it.)

  18. Darshanee says

    I’ve been using this Mask for ever it’s a Indian mask we also use turmeric for wedding but anyway here’s the mask & the benefits of it : It's turmeric and yogurt but the yogurt have to plain or if not use vanilla yogurt and put it on for 2 hours the longer the. Better and wash it off only with WATER NO SOAP so it can still be in your skin and it's for acne and acne scars and to brighten your face and any dark spots and it's also gonna glow up your face

  19. Jesus Christ says

    Is it weird that I use vaseline?

  20. tal says

    I cant count my pimples

  21. PatoPandaPanda says

    I feel like natural ingredients can work but looking at what they used I dont think they used the right ingredients for their individual skin needs. I think if they did this for longer and actually had help from a professional i think this could've been more informative and a really awesome way for the average person to really know how to make diy comestics at home for their skin needs.

  22. Rebecca Tang says

    I’m eating my Greek yogurt mask while I’m doing it. I’m watching this vid to kill time for 15 min. Honestly, this mask does wonders for me.

  23. pandoraheartsvd says

    Oatmeal honey mask also works very well

  24. pandoraheartsvd says

    They should use aloe vera plant

  25. pugsarelife ! says

    I have a feeling i’ll get more oily acne after using these

  26. Sam Ahgase says

    You can use aloe vera as moisturiser and jojba oil last step

  27. Selina says

    They can use the shea butter for their face at night until they use it up

  28. Selina says

    I occasionally make my own skincare but it's more like a topup, not a main bit of my routine

  29. Emma LaCavera says

    They used a dry measuring cup for a liquid 😑

  30. MagicGirl tv says

    Do you ever scroll down the comments realizing they’re totally right.
    And As/Is never reads the comments! Lol

  31. Stephanie Paradine says

    I make my own face cleansers toner and moisturizer.
    For my oil cleanser/makeup remover I use safflower oil polysorbate 80 and e wax and vanilla essential oil. I use a honey clay cleanser as my regular deep cleanser I use raw organic honey, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, vegetable glycerine, tea tree essential oil. For my scrub I use my homemade version of angels on bare skin by lush, I don't add rosewater(to extend the shelf life of the scrub/cleanser). I add tea tree essential oil and frankincense essential oil. For toner I do the 1 part Apple cider vinegar and 3 parts water. Moisturizer I use rosehip oil with frankincense and juniper berry essential oil.
    My skin is clear now I used to have deep cystic acne not anymore.

  32. lxn says

    why dont they use tea tree oil as acne treatment?

  33. 나리 says

    sara is so touchy and mean with her skin damn

  34. C BR says

    I can recommend honey-cinnamon masks 100% but pls try out first if your skin is fine with it 🙂

  35. Lilian Zubayer says

    How is no one mentioning her name is Mercedes?

  36. Isabella Dumitrescu says

    puts soap in face wash and then acts shocked when it cleans your face

  37. Oh, it’s not me says

    I feel sorry for Mercedes. Imagine being named after a car

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