Women Wear Goth Fashion For A Week

Women Wear Goth Fashion For A Week
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  1. Your Own Destinee says

    Saf is wearing color

  2. cowplant splines says

    as a goth who's into fashion history this video pains me. i mean, you… tried… the budget was probably lacking. the producer/director of this video probably did the best they could with knowledge and money that they had.

  3. BIGDAWG 91331 says

    0:16 she dosnt really need to change much she alredy looks goth a little 1:25 see she didnt really need to do much

  4. Ursula Rothery says

    Why is Saf not wearing black 😂

  5. SΔSHΔ LΔPΔGΣ says

    I’m a goth lol

  6. Marie Antoine says

    They look a hot mess lol

  7. HeirOf TheFounders says

    Baby saf coming into the goth queen inside her

  8. Sarah Pippin says

    I love how this moment was documented that saf evolved into what she is now

  9. Burrito Filled with screamo says

    But it's cute

  10. Burrito Filled with screamo says

    I didn't get any goth vibes

  11. Burrito Filled with screamo says

    ….I feel triggered

  12. Fin D says

    Pastel goth is not Goth…

  13. Veronica Harper says

    This is the start of saf's goth style

  14. Sophia Paredes says

    Now do emo

  15. A fly Just a fly says

    0:34 I think it’s pretty unnecessary to put yarn in your hair, just wear a wig

  16. Trinity Uhrlaub says

    99% of the comments are "this is the beginning of saf wearing all black" like yeah. we get it.

  17. Juan Rivera says

    It was cool ladies

  18. alma wellingston says

    Please do your research before making a video, thanks.

  19. Marie Tenney says

    Rare footage of saf wearing bright colors

  20. Briley Jordan says

    This is wear Saf found her bat self

  21. sofiadied says

    the "hot bat" girl's dress is amazing

  22. Bloody Midnight 666 says


  23. DarkSkay says

    These outfits would be nothing special, if the majority of people stopped dressing like everybody else and started expressing their individuality more confidently.

  24. Carson says

    Goth is and can be very expensive too

  25. Wiccan Mohan says

    The first one I think it was the coolest one of all….
    And all black is how I dress….

  26. Sho says

    this ladies and gentleman is the beginning of baby goth saf

  27. Keith’s Thighs says

    The moment she started to wear all black…

  28. your socks are trash says

    All of them were good except for the cyber goth. it was kinda like she was mocking people who were goth

  29. El Jefe says

    The girl in the thumbnail is beautiful. Like wow

  30. Abigail Eldritch says

    I wish they had told where they got the clothes 🙁

  31. Sissy Girl says

    UBU and stop listening to society.

  32. WorstKiter Chan says

    They tried how hard it is, but awesome at the same time. I love, when people look at me while I wear full black with Knee high socks, thick chokers and cats everywhere, it is do weird, that people look diferently even if you wear something like JUST fishnets. It is so weird.

  33. WorstKiter Chan says

    And this is the time that everybody know, Saf is going BatBitch :D.

  34. Grace Tsosie says

    I like how 97% of the comments are about saf and the other 3% is about the actual video

  35. trash rat supreme says

    As an emo, I found this funny but offensive.

  36. Teshauna Johnson says

    I'm a goth , kinda

  37. Leah Marie says

    Saf in a yellow shirt and then pink lipstick. This feels like an alternate universe.

  38. Leah Marie says

    Saf in a yellow shirt and then pink lipstick. This feels like an alternate universe.

  39. Meme God says

    So I’m a goth and today I had to wear the one shirt in the back of my closet…. a pink shirt. I hate my life 😭

  40. Alysha Steed says

    I love all gothic fashion it's all really unique.. And really beautiful.. I do miss my goth days.. 😍😘❤️ Xx

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