Women Wear Mom Jeans For A Week • Ladylike

Women Wear Mom Jeans For A Week • Ladylike
I’m “momming” out right now and it’s insane. Follow all your BuzzFeed favorites in one app! Get the BuzzFeed Video app here: …

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  1. MJ P says

    I literally just googled
    how to pants
    So that's how this day is going

  2. Live With me says

    And now 2019-2020 mom jeans are in fashion

  3. Alma 1605 says

    I have been obsessed with mom jeans for a while and needed new jeans so bought two pairs and I frickin love them- they're so comfy cos they're not too tight but flattering because of the often cinched or high rise look they give whilst still being relaxed and casual because they're not too tight like skinny or super skinny- if you don't like skinny jeans because you find them to be uncomfortable or too tight I would definitely recommend mom jeans as an alternative!!!

  4. Nithuna Johnson says

    Safs skin really glows😍😍she's Soo beautiful .. love from India

  5. Anna Silver says

    When you didn't know what mom jeans were, but you realize you have been wearing mom jeans all your life…

  6. Alora says

    My family makes me wear really loose jeans or else they call me a tramp and yell at me . I’m a 14 year old girl 😔

  7. Jonathan Steadman says

    To be honest I am not into jeans but am into skirts

  8. mia g says

    and now all we wear are mom jeans ahaha

  9. Kac chan says

    i never looked good in mom jeans😔😔

  10. Caty says

    I really can't wear mom jeans. On my butt they are way to tight and on the waist they are way to wide. Because they have no elastic. But on some woman they look good

  11. Aide Gonzalez says

    I thought mom jeans started being a thing back in like 2012? I always saw people with thrifted jeans. How come everyone saying “Well they’re in style now”

  12. Kamille Hviid Skovgaard says


  13. worldaway xx says

    moms jeans took me like 2-3 years to find a good fit for me but i finally found a pair last week and i lOVE THEM

  14. Madison Maldonado says

    Lol now that's all ppl wear

  15. antonela says

    4:16 not real mom jeans if they’re stretchy and mobile

  16. pathetic fat says

    Mom jeans are life

  17. Deysi! says


  18. Sadie G says

    I find it funny that mom jeans with Birkenstock’s are trendy now

  19. Aniqa Ahad says

    I love high waisted pants. They’re super comfortable and cover your stomach so they make you look a lot slimmer and taller.

  20. Aniqa Ahad says

    Aren’t mom jeans just high waisted pants? Because all girls wear high waisted pants.

  21. Viltė Miliauskaitė says

    Am I the only one who is a teenager and wears mom jeans all the time??

  22. gabatlie gabatlie says

    Now mom jeans are popular, go figure

  23. Glen Martin says

    I’d like to see them drinking water everyday for a week challenge

  24. Angelica Flores says

    All I wear is mom jeans n high wasted jeans with shirts tucked in

  25. Madeleine Wallenberg says

    Omg they did it before it was a trend

  26. BTS ARMY FOR LIFE says

    I love mom jeans hahha

  27. thereal shock says

    Mom jeans look great on girls without the mom pooch. But alas, they are the only wearable jean for moms with the pooch.

  28. Talea Bernal says

    And now they are in style!!

  29. leonie boesch says

    I love mom jeans

  30. Mary A says

    Lol I'm 14 and I wear mom jeans all the time

  31. Shiny Stars says

    Now they are trendy…

  32. emma 19071 says

    lmao in2k19 all the vsco girls are shocked

  33. Emily Cross says

    Mom jeans are so stylish nowadays 😂

  34. StarlingofAzerath says

    2019 and I wear mom jeans. They are comfy

  35. Lol this is just my daily life

  36. Mrs Jojo siwa says

    I like how 2 years ago people hated those pants

  37. charligotthejuiceee says

    freddie killed every bit of this

  38. Bby Sushi says

    Flash forward 3 years later now they’re one of the biggest fashion trends

  39. I hate People says

    Me: wear moms jeans my whole life

  40. Lobna Wael says

    I always wear mom Jeans
    Edit :and I am 14 years old

  41. c y says

    mom jeans are d best because they not too tight or too loose ya know? plus theyre very easy to style

  42. Peppa The pig says


  43. Pseller says

    Omg that was too funny

  44. Bitter Gay Man says

    It's JC Penney for the OG Mom Jeans. Not Kohl's. Do these people not know the SNL skit?

  45. zoey Gaudet says

    Kirsten vs the pants is a mood omg

  46. Hannah J says

    buzzfeed predicting the mom jean trend !! 🤩🤩

  47. Yk._. Ashley says

    Kristens jeans were so weird

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