Women With Natural Hair Try Dry Shampoo

Women With Natural Hair Try Dry Shampoo
I would think that this was dandruff if I didn’t just spray this dry shampoo in my hair.” Boldly BuzzFeedYellow has changed its name to Boldly. It’s the same …

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  1. Amanda Hooper says

    You don’t need to use dry shampoo if your hair doesn’t look dirty. 😬🙃

  2. Carrie Krout says

    Natural hair is a term used to define the texture of a person of colors’ hair when it hasn’t been treated/straightened with chemicals.

    C’mon guys, I’m whiter than teeth in a Crest add and I know this. Stop trying to make everything about you.

  3. Annette Grasso says

    I am white with very thick "afro hair". I have had no success with dry shampoos.

  4. Bella and Moo says

    Do you mean naturally curly hair because my hair is straight and natural

  5. Jay Are says

    Only one thing about this Shampoo "disgusting" take a nice shower or wash your hair lazy bit…!!!

  6. 테일러Taylor says

    The girl with the plaid shirt really reminds me of Alex (ex member of Rania/kpop group). The way she talks and some of her features remind me of her!

  7. Kristal Price says

    I just tried dove drie shampoo I hope it works

  8. ella says

    As a white person , I know what natural hair is but what about the people who are just curios and want to find out from people with black hair. Why is everyone getting offended by people being curious

  9. Yohanna Sitinjak says

    Trying live in tropical country, i have curly hair to but ended with greasy hair all day, i have to wash my hair, minimal once a day.

  10. Gabriella Carlson says

    My favorite dry shampoo is Batista tinted dry shampoo.

  11. Gabriella Carlson says

    They make tinted dry shampoo.

  12. Syd says

    Am I the only white girl that doesn't expect this video to be about people that look like me?? My hair is natural but I'm educated enough to know the term natural hair and that it is referring to black people or people with kinky/curly hair types. I'm not getting offended because we all know how dry shampoo works for people with straight or wavy hair so even if you want to argue that your hair is natural showing how it works on straight hair is not the point of this video

  13. giselle dickinson says

    literally no one in the comments is complaining about there being no white people

  14. Iyanna Shelton says

    It looks like Deva Curl No-Poo was a success ??

  15. L * says

    who is this for…who's the target audience?

  16. info desk says

    What pisses me off is the fact that they are using them wrong! You gotta keep a distance, massage that stuff into your roots, etc. Why ppl never read the fkin labels ?!?!

  17. Gracie Weller says

    Why is it based on black women with natural hair I am starting to think they are being racist to white people because the term natural hair means if you haven’t dyed it not just curly 😒no hate x

  18. Patty Granados says

    I'm so glad you had a video on dry shampoo for textured hair! Came straight here after watching the one for straight hair. I might try the devacurl one now, I didn't even know they made one. (Edited for grammar)

  19. Haddy Njie says

    There are Actually more comments about lecturing the people who are complaining then there is people complaining

  20. Ella Mcgavin says


  21. inukamisfan says

    First off your not supposed to to put it on your roots. I think it says so in the instructions. I'm natural and I have low porosity 4c tight corkscrews. I use dry shampoo to make my blowouts last longer. It really helps because I add oil to my ends at night and if it hasn't absorbed by day I use dry shampoo.

  22. Kathleen Kendrick says

    I love this video. I may be caucasian (Celtic as Celtic can be for a Canadian) an just want to say…not offended. It's stupid to be offended by this video. This video is awesome. And I have curly hair that I don't use products in. It's fine hair. But curly. And I have always been interested in how the dry shampoo thing works for curly hair. I don't straighten mine or use any chemicals. And I do find the world is very different for curly haired women. I had to learn to cut my own hair because it's staggering the amount of hairdressers who do not understand how to cut curly hair. So I truly appreciate this video. We need more videos for women and men and others that have curly hair regardless of race because it is just true that in North America at least most products and styles are designed for people with straight to wavy hair. It's nice that people are posting videos like this to help the rest of us out.

  23. Flex Titan says

    Who is in the women in the plaid really shes cute

  24. Jorien says

    its not the meaning of dry shampoo to spray it from that close to the hair. You have to take distance from the hair (30 cm) and than spray it so you won't see the white powder.

  25. Emanuela says

    I used to use dry shampoo and it makes my hair feel dirty tbh, I don't use it anymore

  26. K.I. R says

    The first girl is a Queen

  27. Corvanor says

    Once every 2 weeks? No wonder some of these bitches reek and look greasy

  28. The Captin says

    They act like white people are the only ones with straight hair

  29. Sandra says

    No one was saying anything about having natural hair why is everyone hating?

  30. 3 1 5 7 3 says

    I'm finally trying dry shampoo and enjoying it.

  31. Milah Jae says

    The second woman has straightened natural hair and the third woman has very fine and loose curls. The first woman's experience is most relevant for me and for more Black women with unstraightened natural hair.

    PS: Dear white people, "Natural hair" is a term used among Black women which refers to the condition of hair being unrelaxed, (aka not permed.) We were encouraged to straighten our hair for many years (European beauty standards) The procedure for our hair care regimens vary depending on the condition being either "natural" or relaxed. Don't speak on our culture when you're uninformed about it.

  32. Chantal B says

    Question: What is the hair texture of the woman in the to do list sweatshirt? My hair texture is like hers and I'm trying to figure out what it is

  33. Addie Dickerson says

    I bought a dry shampoo and wanted to see a video on it. I literally searched “dry shampoo on natural hair” AND THIS WAS THE FIRST VIDEO. Natural hair is reference to kinky/curly hair. The straight haired women/men in these comments really need to get a grip about my hair is “naturally” straight.
    Stop 🛑

  34. Nina Carleton says

    It’s concerning that she said she wouldn’t use the product because it looked like a white woman on the back of the bottle.

  35. Cerys Davey says

    Wait, where are all the comments people are complaining about ? I honestly can't find any- have they been deleted or something?

  36. Elizabeth Prosper says

    cantu dry co-wash

  37. root loggins says

    Its fur hahahaha..I'm triggerd.

  38. Monda Hines says

    What's all the hype about, they had black and white people in the video?

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