Work Best Friends Swap Styles For A Day

Work Best Friends Swap Styles For A Day
Nina and Chloe dress each other in their totally opposite styles! Nina’s Outfit ASOS DESIGN Day light chunky flatform lace up sneakers: …

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  1. solidandsoiled says

    Pls stop with the bra comments. That’s just how big boobs look when they are allowed to hang more naturally instead of pushed up with wires and strapped up uncomfortably. As a bigger chested girl myself, I get why some big chested girls choose to wear less supportive bras or choose bralettes. Wired bras and “supportive” bras can be very uncomfortable for big chested girls just because of the sheer weight and volume of the boobs. Imagine this structure of cloth and wire pushing together 5-8kg of meat from ur body upwards and strapping it together. It HURTS. So yeah, all that matters is that Nina is doing what’s comfortable for her. I don’t see a problem there.

  2. Mini Muffins says

    I thought that guy in the background was real 7:37

  3. Christiane says

    The jacket looks so cheap 😩😭

  4. Max Leong says

    aww…you look like my daughter – Chloe
    HAHAHAHA!! – Nina
    omg, i'm so not used to seeing you like this!? – Chloe

    i was freaked out seeing Alex's standie being cheery and wavy when they are asking feedbacks from their co-workers. i thought he was video-bombing while being still

  5. Lisseth Barrantes says

    I’m for sure supportive of Chloe’s grandma! She looks like a teenager

  6. Rysha B says

    I love Nina’s makeup during the shopping portion of the vid!

  7. Z0mbie says

    "Did you-… switch styles?"

    Chloe: Y E S

  8. Susannah Carhart says

    I did this last week with my friend who always wears crop tops and crazy fashion stuff and me, who wears skinny jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and vans. I was so uncomfortable and my butt did not fit in her pants😂

  9. Kourtnie Mae says

    "'I'm so hip and fresh" – Nina 2019

  10. Amanda Miller says

    Obsessed with Nina's black fringe skirt

  11. James Ross says

    Nina put on your bra!!

  12. rachelle tiessen says

    I wanna see that next time were people combine their styles

  13. Sunshine says

    Those pearls ruined that jacket tbh

  14. ChinkyBella says

    "Should I buy this for myself?"
    Uh…yes you did

  15. ChinkyBella says

    Nina should be in a video to get the perfect bra.

  16. Kate Hawkins says

    You should do a video where chloe gets a stylist to help her revamp her wardrobe

  17. Samantha L says


  18. fernanda juarez says

    “Work best freinds” becuase everyone complained about the “best friends” title last time hhaha

  19. quala1989 says

    Ninas boobs are toooo big to not want to wear real bras…. she need real support

  20. nancy campbell says

    Chloe did her dirty, Nina’s outfit she chose for Chloe was so much nicer

  21. Shaniyah Lonon says

    I need a job that pays me to shop

  22. xander rice says

    imo chloe dresses like the hot highschool teacher and nina is the sultry woman at a high end bar, not the escort!

  23. Grace Gassiraro says

    Aww, Cloe I would totally wear you're style is so cute!!! Wear what makes you happy

  24. Ophelia Jackson says

    That top was not cool at all..

  25. Alyssa Powers says

    Who pays for all these challenges?

  26. ArisuWaShindeIru says

    work best friends

  27. Little Dreams Animations says

    Nina: "i have been wearing more color"
    me: "like really dark gray??"

  28. Rose Davis says

    Should try bras from 3rd love next

  29. Boudicca says

    That little green shorts and blazer two set would of looked so cute with yellow 😫

  30. Megan Bannister says

    Unpopular opinion but I think chloe doesn’t look that great 😨

  31. Forever Kenzie says

    I wanted her to buy that 2 piece it was sooo cute.

  32. Teagan George says

    That bralette is a crime against humanity! Poor Nina, it looks like she has a uni-boob that goes down to her skirt

  33. Anime And Loneliness says

    Oh, her boobs. They look like balloons on her chest! She needs to wear a better bra, or Chloe should’ve accommodated her chest more.

  34. Anime And Loneliness says

    Nina’s style is so interesting. I desperately want a pencil skirt but I never wear skirts so…

  35. saira t says

    I think the outfit Nina picked for Chloe would’ve looked better without the jacket

  36. Nervious puppy says

    A gothic clown is all I've ever aspired to be.

  37. Vivian Punchak says

    that figure at 7:38

  38. shit lista says

    Chloe has a really likeable personality. Nina… not really :/

  39. shit lista says

    Hate the jacket Nina bought!

  40. Emma Vogelmann says

    Nina’s outfit for chloe is AMAZING

  41. Mack Z# Msp says

    Nina looked really cute but I feel like that top was not the most flattering for her chest area but Nina should start wearing more colors because it looks so good on her especially with her black hair

  42. Victoria Slamovits says

    I keep thinking that cardboard cutout at 7:35 is a real person waving at them

  43. Casey Richison says

    That cardboard cut out when they’re talking to co workers 😩🤣🤣🤣

  44. Lisa C says


  45. Hugenia Cooney says

    This is like the 5th time Buzzfeed has done this video…

  46. Kayla Aesthetic says

    The cardboard man in the background scared me😂

  47. Cherry Bomb says

    Chloe dressed as Jennie during solo

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