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  1. Ryan Crofts says

    U guys rock!!! 😜

  2. gulbane says


  3. Raiah Crystal says

    So awsome!!

  4. bill hsrwood says

    I whach your shows all day Monday to sunday your shows are cool sweet

  5. Antoine Brown 463 Brown says

    Love videos and hair 😍

  6. Alaina Wesner says

    You guys are the only YouTube channel that I have ever watchedyou guys are so😎

  7. MrDeerslayerhwy20 says

    Azzy how do you feel today

  8. Andrzej Boron says

    Azzy ,I love your shows !!!

  9. Nithya Raghunath says

    I love your Minecraft videos with your bf . I love you both

  10. Bree Gregg says

    You are the best Azzy

  11. Sheldon finer says


  12. Georgia The Challenger says

    Omg hi my name is Georgia! I’m so lateeeeeeee! I just wanted to say that I love your Minecraft vids SO DANG MUCH and I want a million more!
    -lots of love,
    Georgia the Challenger

  13. Alexis E. Heinle says


  14. Meroe Motie says

    Call it cuteness

  15. Meroe Motie says

    Please put mine up because you are the best

  16. Jennifer Minutolo says

    Love you

  17. wavvy reaction cam says

    I love you azzy ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😀😀😀😀😀

  18. Tejaswani Chatterjee says

    I love ur videos

  19. yael jim ezriel m asuncion says

    maybe azy can go back to her minecraft

  20. Clara Hoff says

    I love your mind craft videos

  21. streak streak says

    You are the coolest Youtuber ever❤️❤️ horse name muffe

  22. Monique Ryan says

    I love your videos alot I watch them all the time😘😘😘🐓🐥🐤🐣

  23. Raluca Poppy says


  24. cheese bread says

    You are awesome at Minecraft I have it to buy more what not to judge

  25. Jacky 09 says


  26. Andrea Zini says

    ME ME PICK ME!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  27. Haley’s Sqaud says

    HIIIII I LOVE you so much

  28. Rikki Ives says

    Jordi and azzy the best Minecraft couple you've ever seen I like all your videos and I subscribed

  29. Moreongabii 2019 says

    Calling everyone from 2019 no? Just me?

  30. Divine Turingan says

    That is so pretty like azzy

  31. Avery Kuipers says

    I love you Azzy! I've been subscribed and notified for the past year and I've never missed a video! Please give me a shoutout

  32. Eva Becker says

    Please go mining and make the dimens enchanted

  33. Lucas Edward says

    I love your craft ideas

  34. Þórunn Eva Ingvarsdóttir says

    LOVE you gus so cut❤️

  35. Marwan Minkara says

    Hi ya guys are the best at mine craft

  36. dogandcat lover says

    Love u vids

  37. jacksepticeye 2 says

    Dezz nuts

  38. Nadja Söfelde says

    I love YOU because you're weird, like ME! 😋💕

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