WORST Brothers and Sisters EVER!

WORST Brothers and Sisters EVER!
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  1. pria melody Pria says

    11:28 is child abuse…

  2. Pinapple says

    Slide it into a sink

  3. Kayleigh Goodrich says

    Alpha Gettys

  4. Laroussi Redone says

    I love azzyland!!! Steeds is the best!

  5. Dynasti Smith says


  6. Amy gamer says

    Duck paper aka toilet paper my BiG brother almost put me head down the toilet

  7. Celia's Adventures says

    Find the pretty one.

  8. Starla Scruggs says

    I hate stuffing

  9. Starla Scruggs says

    I hate dressing

  10. Anna Eve says

    I have a bro and sister sisters are nice but brothers are so mean and annoying like if u the same

  11. WLW wolf llama wolf says

    you get a glass of water and put a flash card under

  12. Archie the Aussie says

    They took a paper and put it on top of the cup and flip it 👍🏻

  13. Jester Of Woe says

    Azzy y

  14. KeyKeeper101 says

    For 8:50 I would just search for title of document on the PC. Bam, it takes you right to it.

    So, unless he changed the name of the document it would be a really easy prank to bypass.

    (Not hating, it was hilarious.)

  15. Tricia RENWICK says

    I saw you challenge

  16. Lily Neiner says

    I want to hang my brother on a fan too because he watches the most annoying stuff on youtube on the T.V. and thats not the worst part unless Im upstairs I can hear it and hes a crybaby and he dosent like me that much. I wish I had a sister. I feel like if I had a sister we would have a lot in common and we wouldnt annoy each other twenty four seven

  17. Ella Sawtell says

    Poor person on the fan!

  18. Gamer Gurl says

    AZZY I live in Canada to

  19. Tiarnan Vlogs says

    I can’t have doughnuts I’m allergic to eggs

  20. Sherlock Holmes says

    I love you so much Azzy!!! You have the best videos!!!❤❤❤

  21. Mert Keles says

    Cool not cool

  22. Hannah's Creative Corner says


  23. Mampho Mthimunye says

    My sister has braces are used rope to a used rope to shut her lips so she wouldn't talk s*** about me

  24. Jasmijn Hesseling says

    it's named vermicelli (i don't know how to write it properly though)

  25. Rocky Spirit says

    It’s Friday night 🎼

  26. Amelia Escorxio says

    That's so funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Hayley AndFriends says

    I got my dad a lot of 🍩 he a cop

  28. Hayley AndFriends says

    I sellibrat thxgiveing

  29. Isabella Leibering says

    azzy the lizard is a bearded dragon

  30. Margaret Guthridge says

    I’m sorry but are you REALLY Azzy? You look different…….

  31. Carmela Luvera says

    Once me and my brothers trapped my two year old sister in a laundry basket and played a game where she was in jail I was 5 though and I didn't know better

  32. Vanessa Winsor says


  33. Chloe Heatley says

    This is cooper
    1 like = 1 meal for
    Him !!

  34. Grayce Falk says

    Ya we have a feast over here too!

  35. Spider - man says


  36. Kylie Perry says

    Wow these siblings are savages

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