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  1. Emily H says

    This is a cool idea for a proposal- you put the ring in the middle of the pizza and close the lid and go down on one knee and open the pizza box like a ring box and say ‘will you marry me’

  2. Unicorn Queen says

    7:28 If you live in Perth Australia you will know where it all happened
    Trans Perth is not only a transportation thing but a way to propose to your loved ones😂

  3. Hannah S says

    Ugh we don’t need your commentary

  4. This Is Porscha says

    the first one was good

  5. Kaliana Almonte says

    Actually…I read the one with the X-ray, the husband went into his girlfriends office, put it on his chest along with the words ‘will you marry me’ or something like that, so when she pulled up his results, that’s what showed up 🤷🏼‍♀️

  6. Danny says

    6:36 my face on every roller coaster

  7. Peach Phyre says

    I'm a musician so I wanna propose on stage during a show

  8. Soul_crusH3r XX Yt says

    My gf birthday had a wedding ring inside

  9. afsa samiyah says

    I feel bad for the guy who spent that much money on the ring and he lost it

  10. paige hayne says

    Ok well I have a 6 pets and two of them are horses so I would write it out with my horse or write it on my horse

  11. PuRpliSh MeRzi says

    Who is in October!?

  12. dsdfdsd_HYPE says

    6:27 u put that in most creative marry proposals so is it good or bad lol

  13. Ricardo Perez III says

    I thought the ring the burger in on the vid was a turtle

  14. DjWolfLover223 wolfie says

    Just have him do it in person

  15. Katharine Bryan says

    I saw a guy propose at a Hawkeye game, he got to be on the big screen and on top of that she said yes!

  16. emma s says

    I have the perfect idea of how I want to propose…but um….I’m a girl….and I’m only 12

  17. RoboticDog Playz says

    When I saw the proposal with the burger I started to smell McDonald’s

  18. toro loco Picazo says

    My name is allisson

  19. winncampy1 says

    This what I would say if I wanted to purpose or go to prom where making cookies will you be my chocolate chip

  20. Lumi Nalle says

    6:01 my sister name is Alina😂

  21. M&M Adventures Plus says

    I am Caroline not that one

  22. Destiny Harris says

    My friend told me that her dad put a bunch of papers in his office that said will you marry me and then he had a scavenger hunt to find the ring for her ha……….ha………..❤️

  23. Ellie Rosen says

    My dad proposed to my mum in New York on top of the Empire State building! I hope one day someone will propose to me in a way that is that magical.

  24. Mairav Levy says

    It’s not an azzy video without her saying WHO RIASED YOU???

  25. Sammy Sparkles!!! says


  26. Sammy Sparkles!!! says

    I have someone I really care for I’m not old enough to get married duhh but if I married that hooman I would make an amazing art sculpture because we both love art and I would fill the sculpture with all our inside jokes and in the middle I would take a bracelet I made him when we were younger and tie it round a ring and write will you marry me

  27. chase samborski says

    My dad asked my mom in there living room with the t.v on and him sitting down on a chair at 8:00…true story!!!!oh and by the way azzy I if you see this I love you never stop doing what you are doing and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Maisie O'Connor says

    Delicious 😛

  29. He he hea

  30. Keiley Lane says

    3:44 I think the "marry" sign is in the right spot

  31. sebastian banguis says

    The girl who was holding the sign wrong way doesn't even look like she cares…

  32. Francis Bell says

    I think a lot of these are romantic and very unique

  33. Crystal & Book says

    The best way to propose to a Pokémon lover (like me) is too
    Propose with a Pokémon ball and in the inside it should have a ring and something that says ”I choose you <3”

  34. Madisen Fisher says

    so, my gf loves harry potter, so I made the sorcerer's stone out of clay, wood, and other tools, and I made it so you can open it, so I put the ring in side and gave it to her on her birthday and said '' open it!'' and when she did she started to cry and mumbled''YES!!!'' and now we are engaged!<3

  35. Sandra Schneider says

    A proposal by a flashmob with the song I want to marry you

  36. Claire Bear says

    I'm selling replays..there free-

  37. Gamer P0PPYP0WER says

    if I was a man and had to propose to a woman I would make a treasure hunt with flowers, chocolates and sweets on the way and then in a treasure box at the end it would be me proposing to her

  38. Maryli Pereira says

    Play or react to gacha life

  39. Julia Paradis says


  40. BorkBork55 says

    8:23 Yes, good point…


  41. Allewolf Gaha life says

    I think azzy wuld be happy If She got a chocholaté ring

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