Would a Walkman work in space?

Would a Walkman work in space?
As the story in the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” goes, character Peter Quill’s dying mother made him a mix called “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” that he rocked out to …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Paco says

    US Education in a nutshell

  2. RulingPanda says

    First Marques video that I think he didn't work for more than 5 minutes on this idea and how it should be experimented. Guess YTOrignals is just a side job 👌🤣

  3. Subhojit Dey says

    idiotic the guy only takes it out in survivable temperatures

  4. Sandeep Doguparthi says

    i like MKBHD but, this is the stupidest thing i had seen since a week IG. he lives in a freaking spaceship and not in liquid nitrogen lmao

  5. BleedWolf says

    Notice how classic tech are well made. New tech break easy!

  6. larx says

    Our Aiwa walkman still works. I think its is over 15 years old now

  7. Monish Meher says

    This is not the content I signed up for

  8. Ganesh Wadhwa says

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

  9. Italo says

    This was a stupid idea

  10. Lean Mean Green Bean Machine says

    But in space the cold doesn’t really matter because there’s no air to transfer the cold into the Walkman. Sure, eventually they would freeze but only after they lost all of their thermal energy which could take hours to days.

  11. Demoo says

    ok boomer

  12. Deivett says

    Water is Water, and water damages electronics.

  13. Chief Judge says

    Attention armchair "scientist" commenters who apparently know everything…. they obviously weren't trying to replicate space 1 to 1. Just one aspect of it.

  14. Ankit Dhakad says

    1:42 it looks like a skull.

  15. Parth Patel says

    You should have tested: would the Walkman work in zero gravity? Since the Walkman has physical moving pieces inside to make it operational.

  16. darkcnight says

    what a stupid fucking experiment

  17. Aditya Singh says

    But there is no water is space! Those things broke because of condensation of water.

    Disliked this video.

  18. daDonn says

    The rubber band driving the mechanism is what would have failed at that temperature.

  19. Abdusalom Dekhoti says

    So dummy. I don't think Musk will ever shoot a video with you after seeing this, lol

  20. Shahwaiz Ali says

    Ooooo why are u making rectro tech premium

  21. Sanjeev Kumar says

    This is not a even a realistic comparison.

  22. Zarif Ul Alam says

    Mark Rober : ** chuckles **

  23. Cosmic Gamer says

    Very very inaccurate I mean he’s not swimming in liquid nitrogen he’s in space a vacuum and a vacuum does not conduct heat well so the tape would need to be in a vacuum for months plus he’s in a pressurized room most of the time not it space so that’s a really bad test I mean radiation would do more damage even if you were light years away from any star so please revisit this with a vacuum chamber and a hunk of radioactive matiral americium would work and cool the walls so they could radiate heat away

  24. sam shrestha says

    you should have said "So, I've been using this walkman in space for the past 2 weeks" and continued

  25. Traveler Kotha says


  26. Dharrshin Marimuthu says

    Ask Elon musk for a falcon go to space and do a vlog

  27. Avarosa says

    Ew, Vox?

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