Would You Eat Your Placenta?

Would You Eat Your Placenta?
Well, my co-worker did. Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Honey and Milk Almost There From My Heart …

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  1. travelingjohn69 says

    Hey I got a new idea for a street drug.

  2. Mark s says

    fuckin sick

  3. avah Thomas says

    That is disgusting yuk

  4. Theresa Egan says

    No she didn’t “eat” it. You don’t eat Advil.

  5. promeitheus says

    If you eat placenta you’re a cannibal. Ever heard of Mad Cow disease? Kuru? F’n cannibals.

  6. dishwasher says

    I had to read the tiltle 5 times to make sure that's what it said.

  7. neha doe says

    Ok I legit puked watching this ….eating the..omg .can't.even

  8. bluex yoongi says

    I thought she was gonna eat it raw


    NOT AT ALL -.- beware the infections

  10. Badeshka R says

    I wouldn't eat my placenta even if I was paid to that's rank

  11. Luke Thomas says

    Love the champagne flute for the inaugural pill. Ochi has the best red lip game.

  12. PunkySpunky says

    I think eating it has nothing to due with stopping or preventing the baby blues since my mom had them and she adopted me!

  13. s a b r i n a says

    can I ask them to deep fry my placenta?

  14. Megan Gore says

    That is amazing but part of me thinks that it might be the placebo effect

  15. B60 Delta Wing says

    I got to :16 and stopped. Cannibals don't interest me at all. I just plain shudder at the thought of….GROSS!!! NASTY!!!

  16. 彡elle says

    What is a placenta?

  17. Damier too funny says

    this is bs your just believing that itll make u feel better

  18. Deirdre Kelly says

    Oh now that was disappointing xD I thought they'd fry it up

  19. Loes van der Meer says

    My parents put my placenta in the ground and planted a tree on it, same for my brothers.

  20. Aba-Faith says

    We were talking about this in class because a girl said her aunt told her. Our teacher was really grossed out, so we changed the topic. A girl had asked to get a drink and passed out! We all felt so bad

  21. Warren Bingley says

    What is wrong with the world

  22. lynn Holts says

    what does placenta mean

  23. Norb Dag says

    that.is.the.weirdest.thing…ive ever seen….i cant even o.O

  24. 澤人志Hitoshi Sawa says

    god dam chinese no but have Chinese freind i love him as brother

  25. Michael Withington-Walsh says


  26. Nisa Gül says

    can you get pregnant again… After that

  27. Ellie Breckenridge says

    @buzzfeed what kind of red lipstick does Ochi use? I love it and I'd love to use it!

  28. Medical Doll says

    This isn't eating it! Lol. People actually make them into smoothies and eat them. Click bait lol.

  29. mantidgirl says


  30. Much Love says

    honestly i wont eat mine.. but I'll take a pill of it

  31. Petermanrocks Martin says


  32. Karolin A. says

    That's so disgusting

  33. Leo Lee says

    white people

  34. Gucci Jayy says

    Isn't that considered cannibalism??

  35. Flyin sushi says

    more reasons i dont wanna have a baby. placentas are nasty

  36. TerriblePuns Joyce says

    What's a placenta?

  37. Adrenaline Junkie says

    Eating someone else's placenta (there are videos of men eating their wives placenta) is potentially dangerous as it risks the transmission of fatal prion diseases. Prions can survive extreme heat, cooking does not kill prions – as vCJD victims from BSE infected cattle are the tragic evidence of. Moreover the pan you use to cook it in, will then be contaminated for other family members or guests.

    Of concern, prion disease victims can have no symptoms for decades. Prions travel from the gut, via the lymphatic system into the brain and central nervous system. As Science is only in it's infancy of understanding how prions may be associated to other neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease it is simply not worth the risk to engage in needless risky activities in order to prove a point you are 'edgy' or alternative life style people.

  38. Irah Hendrix says

    sooo gross😂

  39. Echo Offcial says

    I thought she was going to cut it up and eat it

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