WTF Is Gender?

WTF Is Gender?
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  1. FREEDOM says

    The only gender fluid is seamen and period juice. Big shout out to procreation!

  2. FREEDOM says

    Fcuking damaged people trying to spread their toxicity to our children. It's all part of the agenda to normalise pedophilia check their laptop's phone pc ect

  3. FREEDOM says

    In your Fcuked up world you see 100 genders in my real world i see two male and female and these two are the only ones that can reproduce. Leaving you weird bastards fake and obsolete parasites of society. Go away you are toxic and unpleasant to be around I suggest you curl up in your comfort zone in the fetal position cry and melt.

  4. Raonak Kaushik says

    There are 2 genders flurries and liberals

  5. Info Hub says

    God created male and female

  6. Anonymous Hacker says

    I sexually identify as an apache attack helicopter

  7. "Gender is marketing"

    I'ma just leave that there for you to think about that

  8. Donavon dee says

    2 genders lol

  9. SEAN DEVINE says

    As jaiden animations said "you can trust you body but you cant trust your mind"

  10. envi z says

    today I'd like to identify myself as a military helicopter 🚁

  11. The Pharaoh says

    Okay none of this really matters because the only thing relevant to gender is reproduction which is pretty binary otherwise these labels or definitions just aren't important we don't need to label small minority of mutants sorry. The common denominator is still male and female everybody is filtered through this binary so what if their are exceptions who cares.

  12. Grace Philemon says

    Explain to me how you can be non binary when there will always be something between your legs?

  13. MountainGoaat says

    There are only 2 genders. change my mind

  14. yeet, skeet, gay says

    Some of these comments are really upsetting

  15. Lipstick Chateau Wine Color says

    Is buzzfeed a gender?

  16. CocaineDragon says


  17. Chris Fortune says

    Don't have to be okay with what you were born with, but you gotta pick one or both, but not "all"

  18. BeatBoxer 395 says

    What happened do just men and women?

  19. Dat Greedy Mouse says

    Gender appropriation

  20. Zero Soul says

    sinks down slowly

  21. Pepper Bite says

    Women are always trying to show that they can do things woman don't do but what makes them special is women are built to do everything men can't do.

  22. Becki Henderson says

    Evolution supports two genders. It doesn't matter if you're feminine or masculine. Look at ur genitals if you're a male (chromosome XY) or a female (chromosome XX). Those genitals are made by evolution. I'm a cisgender female lesbian and there is nothing wrong with that. I'm just who I am and I'm happy to be that way. A transgender person has to have a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria (mental disorder) and has to take hormonal medication for their treatment and undergo transition surgery to look exactly what they want. I'm sorry say that but it's the brutal truth of reality.

  23. panda dafuq says

    I swear there’s only two genders get it in your head

  24. Might Build A wall idk says

    I feel very violent and angry and like killing all the terrorists and since gender is a social construct I’m gonna get blades and guns attached to my body so I can be an Apache attack helicopter!

  25. CXI.Animus says

    ftm porn is mind blowing lol

  26. krazzysu says

    1. Man. 2. Woman. End of story.

  27. TubbyMuffin says

    THERE ARE 2 GENDERS. That’s it. Your argument is invalid because this is a fact.

  28. WarsOfStars says

    i identify as a COUCH, DAMMIT! WHY CAN'T PEOPLE TAKE ME SERIOUSLY??? Do you know what its like to be sat down and be oppressed by middle-aged obese fat people every single day for almost 15 hours?! I'm a thing too you know. I HAVE feelings. and cushions. #FreeTheCouch #BathroomsForCouches #DeathToFatPeople

  29. critical error says

    i just noticed Rocco’s hat said “STEALTH”

  30. cool ice says


  31. mathieu sucks says

    to my trans friends;

    trans boy, you are valid, handsome, and worthy of respect. no one can tell you otherwise. you are male, you are 100% valid, and you are loved.

    trans girls, you are beautiful, no matter how much others may say you're not. you are lovely women, inside and out, no matter what you were born with.

    non-binary humans, you are amazing. you exist, even if people don't believe it, and you are appreciated. you are great humans that deserve to be happy.

    transphobes, go ahead, hate me as much as you want. hate trans people as much as you want. go ahead. but you will never be able to change the fact that they exist, and will for as long as we're on this planet. tell me to kill myself, i dare you. i'm not the one who's going to look like a child here. i will be here to support for as long as i can, and no one can change that. thank you.

  32. isabella ; says

    why do people care so much about how people identify? you identify as non binary? cool! you're trans? amazing, i will support you no matter what. gender fluid? nice! why do republicans and "edgy teens" make it out like respecting pronouns is such a hard thing to do when in reality it is so easy. people who identify as any gender identity outside of female / male are NOT hurting anyone. just because a few people get mad about you disrespecting them accidentally doesn't mean you can go around and completely misgender someone for no reason.

  33. Isobella Evans says

    "I've always felt like a female, but I've never really questioned why"
    you have female hormones

  34. Kaous says

    +There are only 2 gender!
    -Man or woman?
    -God is a man or woman?
    +Wha-… Um… God has no gender?
    -Then, there are more gender than 2; so, shut up.

  35. Shammo Hamid says

    If gender is subjective, then why don't they all identify as male and solve sexism and patriarchy?

  36. Creative Dreamer says

    0:320:35 and 0:41 are the only intelligent responses in the whole video.

  37. TrueLojic says

    That dude on the right literally looks like he was born a male. Damn those doctors did a great job

  38. Kawaii says

    So if u hit a trans girl thats a guy do you still go to jail cause its a guy right lol

  39. Kawaii says

    My Gender Is Gravity And You Must Call Me That

  40. Royal Marine says

    If I had a penny for every gender, I'd have exactly two penny's.

  41. Pabs Alanya says

    There is only Male and Female. Anything else is a mental confusion inside your head

  42. michaeljeff2 says

    I identify as a Non-Binary Queer Agender Trans Blue Eyes White Dragon, thank you very much.

  43. Lisa k says

    There are only 2 genders

  44. Yannik says

    "Let's say you woke up today and you had your genitals switched, would you still feel the same?"

    Well, if you ever had a cat or a dog and you neutered it, then you'll notice different behaviour patterns, caused by a lower testosterone production. It's not much different for humans, your behaviour is greatly influenced by hormons. So while you'd possibly wake uip still feeling like a man, you might not feel the same a week later anymore.

  45. Zenvo TS1 GT says

    Most of the people on the streets are right on the first and second question

  46. CortneyM Tucker-Doherty says

    Did anyone find Mel?

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