Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: The Bezel-less Sequel!

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2: The Bezel-less Sequel!
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is a sequel to convert the everyday person. RIP bezels. The original Mi Mix: https://youtu.be/m7plA1ALkQw Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. ARSENAL nine says

    mi mix alpha: comes out

    youtube recommendations: here you go

  2. Mad Mike says

    i'm about to swap my p10 plus whit 1 of this

  3. Dwikky Yudha says

    0:04 Double MKBHD

  4. legenDAIRYcow says

    Some people say lcd, he says oled. Who do I believe?

  5. J3SS3_G 267 says

    Was that your doppelganger

  6. test blustacks says

    DON'T BUY XIAOMI. I was happy with my Mix 2 until they installed their bloatware onto the phone without permission. Xiaomi installed 'Mi Pay' app. I won't buy Chinese again, will buy stock Android from the US. I hate stuff like this.

  7. Abhay Punia says

    One plus 7 pro is the here without any bezel

  8. Joey gelo Fello says

    I currently have an iPhone se but I’m looking for new phones great review I am purchasing that phone soon

  9. Sanketh Verma says

    Dude it's not OLED.

  10. Cedric Johnson says

    Nice background affect, loved it. Really enjoy your material.

  11. George Kapelis says

    0:040:12 was supposed to be funny? I'm telling ya, no one laughed

  12. RMA HD says

    I'm happy with my aluminium body mix 2

  13. Eine kleine Nachtmusik says

    Honestly, what's the point of reviewing this phone if virtually none of us, aside from tech bloggers, will ever get our hands on it?

  14. Yellow Pillow says

    Watching this on my Mix 2

  15. Meira meiraoved says

    Thanks! Now I am debating between the Mi MIX2 and the Redmi 5 Plus. Any comments?

  16. Tauseef Asad says

    Watching in mix 2👌🏻

  17. Skaiste Diksaityte says

    This video was the video that helped me choose from so many reviews on youtube. Have been using this phone for almost a year and i have to say, this is the best phone i’ve ever had. Was only using iphones before, i thought i would be disappointed and miss ios, but it’s all the other way around. The battery life is INSANE, the screen is beautiful, the camera is great. I am not loving the selfie cam, but it’s not something i use often. Would recommend mi mix 2 100%

  18. NabilRider555 says

    So……… Mi Mix 3 Review next year?

  19. Dan C says

    Hi. I can get this now in Singapore for about 275usd. Would you recommend? I'm not too into getting the latest (android version, or dual AI camera etc).

  20. Jamaica Maglangit says

    So you mean that you will use bluetooth when you use headset?

  21. James Chua says

    Pocophone or this?

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