You Deserve It

You Deserve It
Treat yourself to whatever you want! You work hard! You deserve it!! Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! MUSIC …

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  1. veggiesaremurder says

    Back when there weren't so many content restrictions and you could actually say and do funny things in videos without everyone getting offended over everything. This was only a few years ago and look how crazy we've gotten. There's already like 10 things in this video alone that would get you canceled on Twitter in 2019.

  2. Guera says

    humm what just happened?

  3. CDeezyy says


  4. -Aisho- says

    Okay deserve is jokes aside on the feed
    Nobody else going to mention how they somehow resemble the zealots from the hit at one point?

  5. Dark Star says

    tht escalated rly quickly

  6. Dare says


  7. MercedesBT says

    1 to 100 really quick

  8. Peyton Williams says

    Plot twist to the max!!

  9. Daphne .Dumore says

    cop Will=heartboner

  10. Lili Redlich says

    it went to getting a crop top to murdering someone.
    that took an unexpected turn

  11. giuvidotto says

    The last third of this video made you deserve my click. I'm aware this sounds totally obnoxious btw.

  12. strangekitty18 says

    😅 I shouldn't be able to relate to this.

  13. Isabella fortunato says

    lol they are so Gaby and Alisson

  14. Annie W. says

    I thought Gaby was back for a second 🙁

  15. Lina Celina says

    well, she deserved it

  16. bluetimmy says

    Well….that escalated quickly….& was Awesome!!!

  17. Pramika Kadari says


  18. Dire ThreeTwoOne says

    When do you really deserve something?

  19. hobbes296 says

    Well….ok. XD

  20. Lucía Garijo Campos says

    Treat yo self!

  21. Haley Ray says

    Nice job buzzfeed really funny! 🙂 👏🏼

  22. Cynthia E says

    well that escalated quickly

  23. Katie Merwin says

    It all started with a $50 crop top…… Maybe you don't deserve it?

  24. Jazzy F says

    "She went 0 to 100, she deserved it"

  25. unlisted says

    Best. Buzzfeed. EVER

  26. AliAnarock says

    Did I just watch spring breakers? lmfao jkjk

  27. Krolshi says

    This is like some cyanide & happiness short xD

  28. Emma x says

    Well that got out of hand.

  29. Sophia Marron says

    buzzfeed: the movie?

  30. Sean Spedding says

    That took a serious left turn…

  31. Joanna Maria says

    should have seen this coming

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