You Go Girl! Body Positivity With Jazz Compilation

You Go Girl! Body Positivity With Jazz Compilation
Come with Jazz on her journey with body positivity! As/Is Boldly has changed its name to As/Is–don’t worry, it’s the same content you know and love! Subscribe …

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  1. Iordanis Tzampazakis says

    Go go girls. Smash the bad scale and lets go all together to eat macdonalds and poppeys. Fuckin idiots

  2. Alexei Gill says

    You can say all you want, but facts wont change

  3. StarCossedWarrior Esyale says


  4. Shaz K says

    I mean she can wear whatever makes her feel confident and she’s right it’s not her business if we don’t like it .. nevertheless I don’t like it 😄

  5. Mezmerizer 9 says

    Violence is not allowed on youtube but freak shoes are? damn…

  6. Heath Glasgow says

    Glad she’s happy and confident just don’t take it to far and forget to be healthy to workout to live a live life, best of luck to you

  7. Lisa Kaye says

    I adore you!! You are fantastic!!

  8. Sean Pecson says

    Don't worry guys we will all outlive them and we'll get the last laugh😅😅

  9. Natalia ff says

    She is so beautiful and I love her style so much she really is amazing so the comments that are shaming her in anyway you have a problem with you're brain that why you can't see beauty 😊

  10. Wylde Fyre says

    I think a lot of the people are missing the point. Of course obesity isn’t healthy. But being confident and happy with yourself isn’t a bad thing. Loving yourself, especially loving yourself enough to become healthier, is really good for you.

  11. Jade Rubious Robert says

    I hate u hypocrites!
    U guys hate on euginia Cooney's video when she loves her body but u guys love these freaking obese people

  12. A Guy Who Likes Penguins says

    Yeah it's not like having pounds of fat covering your organs and entering your bloodstream is dangerous or anything

  13. Greg Phillip says

    Unpopular opinions 2019 :





    Heart disease and stroke.

    High blood pressure.


    Some cancers.

    Gallbladder disease and gallstones.



    Breathing problems, such as sleep apnea

  14. Katelyn Leahy says

    I don't think she is that fat

  15. Max says

    Its easy to be "confident" with its for a youtube video and you have thousands of followers supporting you, but for normal people its alot different

  16. Charlotte Mills says

    Jazz is sick she has an illness and she should not be promoting a positive though about being fat

  17. Prasad Balachandran says

    I used to never be able to wear a bold lip, but thanks jazzymne I wear a bold lip everywhere

  18. RAMA macani says

    Why I hate this thing so much😐😐

  19. Jessica 🐟🐠🐡🦀 says

    I love Jazzmyne!!!

  20. Beccibe _ says

    As long as your belly doesn't spill over your bikini, I think it's ok to wear it

  21. Anne says

    With all these body positvity stuff for bigger people as a smaller girl I kinda feel left out. Smaller people get bodyshamed too but no campaigns for that. Kinda unfair isn’t it. (But no hate to Jazzmyne ofc)

  22. Karla K Fox says

    J, you looked awesome!!! Wish I had your confidence. Love you girl!!!!!

  23. Your Boss says

    As a skinny white girl I don’t like the implication that we were at fault for her need for therapist and eating disorders. Shame on her. You ate crappy. That’s all you boo 🤷🏽‍♀️

  24. Esteban S. says

    I think that this Body positivity thing is toxic. It makes people think that being fat is ok. But its not. And i think deep down, they know it. The us society is crazy
    Edit: being obese is being sick. Body positivity is like when smokers walk around and promote lung cancer.

  25. Nellie Rutten says

    Super thin, super white and super blond and they probably ate normal. Since when do African American woman think they're fat because of genes when we all know it's a matter of calories in and calories out, you don't get fat from breathing air and drinking water.

  26. Nellie Rutten says

    And she pleases KFC.

  27. Pyramid says

    They hate scales. Lol. How can you hate a tool that can't hurt you unless you allow it to?

    Pretty weak minded for "strong positive people"

    Weight is indicative of health. PC has never been as stupid as it is these days.

  28. Your Ego says

    Where did it find a bikini that size. No need for this. Parents need to teach their kids this is never ok. Therefore forming normal humans with no eating issues. Losing weight is unfair and harder than just teaching your kids to eat normal and human. Snacks should be fruit. And healthy.

  29. Your Ego says

    2:40. Please don’t. Ever. No

  30. Obesity isn't sexy, anorexia isn't sexy. It makes me sad to see unhealthy people promoting their bodies

  31. Jojo Jessop says

    From an artist's perspective, bigger women are so satisfying to draw. It's just something about the rounded curves of the body which makes drawings rly fluid and natural

  32. jm apple says


  33. Abby Aitken says

    4:31 wait, should I not be weighing myself almost everyday???

  34. Belle Delphine says

    A mcdonalds ad came on before this

  35. Freya Halls-Kass says

    You look amazing!!

  36. R M says

    Some people will like her appearance and some won't. But if one doesn't THEY are labeled as a "hater" which is a childish word. Snowflakes don't like anyone to have a differing opinion.

  37. Ali Keaik says

    Queen 👑🔥🔥

  38. brownieboiii says

    Man the harpoons

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