Your Cheap Friend

Your Cheap Friend
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  1. Emaan Ahmed Khan says

    I honestly got so annoyed with that man (no hate) 😂

  2. Aaron The death alpha says

    I’m always cheap 🙂 like if you agree

  3. Sophie Smith says

    That's so me

  4. MI RA says

    Gladly i don't have this kind of friend

  5. Alondra says

    Meee 🤣🤣✌

  6. omgitstracey says

    Literally my late uncle. He passed a few years ago and left a lot of money behind. Sad to think he was cheap his whole life just so his daughter could waste it all in a couple years.

  7. Daya says

    Not gonna lie. I'm cheap too. But I don't speak out loud. I'm just order something cheaper..
    Complaints about how expensive things are or act like this man is a NO

  8. valen XD says

    Im poor so i bring my own food with me XD

  9. Kristyna Chabrova says

    I know that i will never be friend with this cheap guy

  10. Iftikhar Kazi says

    Quinta look like female Kodak black.

  11. Makhni G says


  12. Makhni G says


  13. Gogi Benny says

    Being cheap saves and makes more money???

  14. Molly Westemeyer says

    They each got a thing of wine, with two $25 pizzas. Assuming they had 1 glass of wine at $7 a glass, the total bill would be $78. Splitting it evenly between 5 people (not including tip) would be $15.60 or $10 if he really didn't want to pay for their drinks. If he did do a 20% tip on the $15.60, he'd be paying a total of $18.72. Or if he did a 20% tip with the $10, it'd be about $13.12. So this dude made a huge fuss over $13.12. I enjoy the comedy, but I also enjoy the math 😁

  15. Mahima Romanoffsallymw says

    Why do we need to tip the waiters? We never tip the service people in grocery store or malls.

  16. Account says

    He really annoyed me

  17. dils corner says

    As /if be like: is there any new ideas for video.
    As/if :then let's make fun of poor

  18. Jupiter The bitch says

    God I hate people who don’t tip. And I’m not even a waiter.

  19. Owl Em says

    Stop hating people!! Some people can have money and be cheap. It’s their choice. In this video he’s tricking his friends and that’s not right but being cheap means you don’t spend money on excessive stuff. E.g. you don’t need to own designer everything!!

  20. Serah Ivery says

    Poor people just opt to not eat out. Cheap people accept the invitation to go out knowing damn well they don't wanna spend the $

  21. naime emini says

    Spomeobe that is cheap maybe have the most expensive hart !

  22. HwaHwaMujhe UraLeja says

    I am that cheap friend I hate springing money on myself or others

  23. Alice Martine says

    I hate hate hate people like this.

  24. Ms. Saturday Knight says

    I hate it when I have to encounter a cheap person that is dining with me. Poor is a whole different story. I'm willing to dish out a bit of extra cash, while this wealthy person refuses to contribute

  25. Hani Syazana says

    Huhu me

  26. Ki Tom says

    I can't relate

  27. *All of my friends*

  28. John Secret Spirit says

    Zach Evans 😭😢

  29. Rose Szalay says

    Ok so I don't do this but….. The day I buy brand name cleaning/ basic food items is the day I die.

  30. Ingrid Garcia says

    I go out with my friend who I’ve known Since childhood every Saturday to this buffet place. And it’s only 25 a person. When we’re done eating she always says she forgot her money or puts on a show about how she lost it. It gets on my nerves so much cause She’s like a sister to me but she never pays. The other day I had enough and walked out on her and left the bill for her (I payed my share) turns out she did have money just didn’t wanna use it.

  31. Lana B says

    I know many people like this who generally live in a difficult financial situation, like with only one of their parents being employed, but it's usually their parents who always complain about the money and how everything's expensive even when the price is just normal, and that usually reflects on the child. Eating at home at 5-6am instead of buying anything in school(in my town prices are really low) wher you stay 'till 2pm, avoiding going for a coffee and all, but being braggy and spoild talking about how they want amazing apartment with this and that when they go to college. Still, being that cheap, they travel every summer to the seaside, when many people with comfortable lifestyle don't, how yes no:)

  32. Just a Villain says

    That made me so mad fsr

  33. Heather Zander says

    Did anyone else see at 0:26 the pizza to the left was falling?

  34. Natalia Joselynn says

    Im annoyed

  35. Nic Draws says

    Watching this video, I feel like I’m looking into a mirror

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