Your Life As A Dog

Your Life As A Dog
Here’s what your life would be like if you were a dog. For starters, you would eat twice as much and have 5x better vision at night. Music by David Rowyn: …

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  1. Arunima Pal says

    "You best friend would be a human"
    Melted my heart💜❤

  2. Meme Finder says

    dogs dont sleep 24 hours a day dude

  3. Natali Meshvildishvili says

    1:09 so my dog listened to this and hes shivering

  4. Sutton says

    Do shrooms to feel like a dog

  5. RilesSweetPea Gacha says

    Are u sure I am not a dog?

  6. Alexander Becker says

    You wouldn’t eat twice as much cause a dog doesn’t weigh as much as as a human. And it only eats about 800 calories a day when a human eats around 2000+ calories a day.

  7. Bagels n Cables says

    Summary: We don't deserve dogs

  8. Fat Panda says

    You’ll digest

    twice as much

  9. Darkayn 79 says

    You forgot "Your life you be about 60 years shorter".

  10. Ana Paulino Naranjo says

    the sound was too darn extremely loud already on its own it just got 100x times extremely more loud and irritating even for my poor little ears

  11. Flutter Can says

    Just tutorial about doggy from Marcus

  12. The Ofender says

    I wanna be a dog

  13. vazak11 says


  14. No mercy says

    So basically dogs live in constant pain hearing earrape sounds?

  15. Abdullah Nashbat says

    Dogs can take bad music to meme music

  16. Lolbit :3 says

    If I was a dog, I would be just like myself. Except I wouldn't be a fox

  17. Thomska says

    1:05 How can my dogs live with me

  18. Ava Schofield says

    I am a dog 🐶

  19. Radiyha Khatun says

    Dogs have fewer cone cells and have more rod cells which is why they see colours differently and able to see at night.

  20. dn pop says

    and you cant play on pc

  21. Braylen Stegner says

    My life as a dog… well it would be ruff

  22. Mahima Romanoffsallymw says

    Imagine requiring a nose print at the bottom of every document. 😂

  23. H1TM4Nx1080p says

    And you have only doggystyle if you f***

  24. Renzo Herrera Giuria says

    I thought it was going to be a timelapse vomparison between a man andd a dog from puppy/baby to elder

  25. Sans The comic says


  26. Radom_stuff 1 says

    1:09 RIP my ears

  27. Universe Child says

    S N O O T

  28. Josue Horacio says

    Me: *Sees the video* this should be a 2017 – 2018 video *sees publish date This is more old than my gRaNdMa

  29. ValeX treme says

    I wanna be a dog

  30. ProSkilzGamer77 says

    But what if i am a faaaat dog and my human hates me


  31. Vanilla Angel says

    I honestly don't know what breed I would be.

  32. Manisha Daujee says

    Also your food will turn to pedigree 😂🤣

  33. realstraykids says

    this was in my recomended

  34. Venderookie says

    Its great to be a dog, but if your unlucky, you will get abused or not getting taking care of you, we need to stop dog abuse.

  35. Matt Slater says

    I love this video. Sometimes I wish I was a dog.

  36. Kalpana Mishra says

    Wait… I think i saw Sheldon Cooper in the thumbnail

  37. AppPpLe Apple :p says

    Why can’t it be a cat

  38. Ximena Ramirez says

    You will have a shorter life then

  39. shaider1982 says

    You can die from eating chocolates.

  40. Webzip says

    What if you wanted to be a dog but Marley and me said nnononojmonommonkne

  41. XxGold PawXx says

    0:39 pfft he was jogging!

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