Zesty Chicken Kabobs • Tasty

Zesty Chicken Kabobs • Tasty
Take your indoor grilling to the NEXT LEVEL with this crowd pleaser, made with our Zesty flavors! Get cooking with your very own Zesty spice now: …

Source Tasty
  1. Niamh says


  2. Lauren L. says

    Where’s the recipe?

  3. Haley Faragalli says

    They look great

  4. Garan Salandy says

    You guys should do a collaboration with Gordon Ramsay!

  5. Minty Ocha says

    Isn't it a Kabab bru

  6. DANIEL KIEDI says


  7. Hallie Lucille says
  8. Lwemon says

    Tasty used to be a channel educating their viewers about cooking—they used to actually show you how to make the spices, but now they’re just an advertisement channel.

  9. Kol4ny says

    It's kebab, I don't know why you put a title without checking the name…

  10. Neela Khadizah says

    Its Kabab. In my country we also called It's Kabab.

  11. Cooking With Bee says


  12. XD YEAHBOY says

    Hi there is one anime called shogukeki no souma that's a good war anime and there are some awesome food in it so try to recreate that pls

  13. Zoomer says

    I know this is unrelated, but..


  14. Ishaan Khaperde says

    Anybody know the name of music/song used in the background?

  15. kakashi noragami says

    Bobs 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Aarya Patil says

    Kabobs and ka-vagene

  17. This looks absolutely Delicious

  18. Raul XD16 says

    Tasty: Uses Tasty spices

    Obama giving Obama a medal

  19. Rage of ores says

    "Kabobs" XD
    did bob the builder make em or something LOL XD

  20. Emirhan G. says

    What the hell is a kabob lol. It's ok if you cook it wrong, at least don't call it kabob, that's insulting.

  21. cuisine de maman says

    Miam miam

  22. Dib Morbo says


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